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    Bluebeam Revu 21.2.0

    Bluebeam Revu 21.2.0

    Bluebeam Revu — это мощное приложение для просмотра, создания, редактирования и разметки файлов в формате PDF. Bluebeam Revu также добавляет кнопки в панель инструментов MS Office и приложений AutoCAD для удобного редактирования и создания PDF документов. Bluebeam Revu eXtreme довольно не плохая альтернатива Adobe Acrobat.

    Основные возможности:
    • Создания электронных подписей
    • Создание PDF из любого Windows или CAD приложения
    • PDF разметка, редактирование и просмотр
    • Конвертирование PDF в 9 других форматов, включая TIFF, JPEG, Bitmap, GIF, PNG, PSD, EMF, WMF и PCL
    • Создает PDF брошюры
    • Специальные предопределенные настройки для топ-приложений CAD
    • Добавляет Bluebeam кнопки на панель инструментов AutoCAD LT
    • Настройка безопасности PDF и цифровых подписей
    • Добавление водяных знаков, PDF закладки и т.д.
    • Автоматические закладки в PDF файлах
    • Гиперссылка передачи для MS Office
    • Поиск текста в Pdf-файлах
    • Презентация и полноэкранный режим просмотра
    • И многое другое..

    Keep Everyone on the Same Page
    Centralize entire projects in the cloud, mark up documents with team members in real time (or anytime).
    Get to the Point 6x Faster
    Enjoy consistent, smooth performance and quickly pan and zoom through complex linework with our new hardware-accelerated rendering engine.
    Build Your Best Bid
    Take quick, precise measurements with our newly improved takeoff features, which now include an automatic prompt for setting scale to ensure you make the most accurate bid possible.
    Standardize in a Snap
    Take control of deployment across your organization with our new enterprise-ready configuration tool.
    Design Review
    Design reviews go faster when teams can mark up the same digital documents in real time.
    Markup and collaboration tools allow for faster, more accurate quality reviews.
    Quantity Takeoffs
    Custom measurement tools help capture a project’s true scope for a stronger bid.
    Submittal Review
    Revu simplifies submittals with powerful markup and editing tools.
    RFI Posting
    Revu keeps RFIs clear and organized with smart markup and hyperlinking tools.
    Punch Process
    Revu helps project teams achieve a 90 percent completion rate on first back check.
    Project Handover
    Smart digital O&Ms give facilities managers easy access to critical project information.

    Who uses Extreme?
    - Architects Architects
    - Engineers Engineers
    - General Contractors General Contractors
    - Specialty Contractors Specialty Contractors
    - Estimators Estimators
    - Superintendents Superintendents

    Key Features
    - Includes all features in Revu CAD and Revu Standard
    - Automatic Form Creation
    - Batch Link
    - Batch Slip Sheet
    - OCR+
    - Batch Sign & Seal
    - Quantity Link
    - ALSO INCLUDES: Bluebeam Studio

    Whats New in version 21.2:

    What’s New
    • Tool Chest Search — Search your Tool Sets for the markup you need.
    • Status Keyboard Shortcut — Accelerate your tasks by applying markup statuses with keyboard shortcuts.
    • Auto Align Improvements — Increased efficiency and performance, now up to 8x faster.
    • Export Latest Status Only — Create a focused Markup Summary that zeroes in on the latest statuses while leaving out the entire audit history.
    • German Localization — Translation improvements for German, along with improved support for metric units and ISO formatting.
    • Revu in VMs — Improved support for using Revu in non-persistent virtual machines.
    • New PDF Units — Create new or insert page using any units, independent of Preferences setting.
    • Hide Individual Markups — Quickly surface and interact with markups whose visibility is obscured by overlapping markups.

    What’s Fixed
    • Decimal character in Markup Formula did not work.
    • Word Plugin & Stapler was removing Paragraph spacing.
    • Error when adding a date and time to Header/Footer when Revu’s language is set to Germany.
    • Converting Polylength to Arc resulted in unexpected direction of arc.
    • Punchkey Import was failing to import CSV files made with other region settings.
    • Markup List: Custom Column choice was importing values from CSV with other delimiter.
    • Printing to Bluebeam PDF Printer/Plugin via Revit shifted content when printed to page size over 48″ width.
    • Additional improvements and fixes.

    Информация о программе:
    Год выпуска: 2024
    Платформа: Windows® 11/10 /8.1 (32-bit/64-bit)
    Язык интерфейса: Multilanguage / English / Русского нет
    Лекарство: crack.dll
    Размер файла: 2.23 GB

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